Saturn Shine Steam Detailing

Panels & Windows

We offer the efficient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution.


Remove dirt, stains and grease, without getting wet.

Houses & Gardens

We can clean everything up in a house from floor to ceiling.

About the company

Based in The Greater Rotterdam area , the Saturn Shine Steam Detailing, is involved in the development of the most sophisticated cleaning systems based in the power of steam. Our equipment provide steam from clean water and never use chemicals. The combination of pressure and temperature, give excellent results, even in the most sensitive surfaces or materials.

The importance of the steam

For us, the use of steam, although it requires special machinery, is the philosophy behind our work. On the one hand, we have the power to clean any surface, better than manual work, and on the other hand the high temperature has been shown to have bactericidal activity.

The bactericidal action of steam is very important in cleaning seating of old cars, salons and beds. Even attics and basements can be renewed and cleaned, as well as parts of the garden needed weeding.


Working Hours:

Monday - Sunday: 6am to 7pm

The Greater Rotterdam area